Paid Links! Why the Hell Not?

Google’s team of search engine techies including Matt Cutts, have all made clear Google’s stance on paid links over the last couple of years. Buying and selling links to purposefully manipulate the search engines is bad, well… according to them anyways. Their stance is understandable really, as it destroys Google’s ability to use links as […]

Blog Commenting Is Not Just For SEO

I’m a massive believer in blog commenting and what it can do for your website rankings (I always have and probably always will be a massive fan), but they don’t have to be used just for SEO gains. Commenting on industry related blogs on a daily basis can have a resounding positive effect on not […]

Top Ten Free Powerful Press Release Distribution Sites

The benefits of press releases for SEO are well known. Some of which are: Backlinks from high traffic authority news sites will increase your performance in the search engines for your chosen keywords. News sites tend to rank quite well for their press releases, so if you have carried out effective SEO on the pr, […]