PPC Services

As well as helping businesses achieve more profit from SEO I also offer fully managed Google Adwords PPC management & optimisation which includes.

As well as offering a full range of SEO services, I can also help with your PPC campaigns. I can plan, optimise, and manage your Google Adwords PPC account, freeing up your time to work on the main areas of your business, and helping you maximise your profits…

My PPC offering includes:

  1. In-depth professional keyword research
  2. Competition analysis
  3. Strategy planning
  4. Optimal account set up / structure
  5. Consistent bid price monitoring and adjustment
  6. Consistent split testing of adverts
  7. Monitoring performance on all levels, ie bids, click through rates, quality score, keywords triggered, conversion rates, etc

If you would like to discuss your PPC campaign with me, please get in touch.