Top Ten Free Powerful Press Release Distribution Sites

The benefits of press releases for SEO are well known. Some of which are:

  • Backlinks from high traffic authority news sites will increase your performance in the search engines for your chosen keywords.
  • News sites tend to rank quite well for their press releases, so if you have carried out effective SEO on the pr, you could well achieve numerous first page rankings.
  • You have the possibility of ranking in both Google and Yahoo news
  • You get a substantial amount of exposure, with news sites serving thousands of impressions to your press release headlines. They also run RSS feeds too which adds even more exposure for your press releases
  • Potential to be used by mainstream media




For tips on writing your press release make sure you check out Michel Fortin’s article on how to write a persuasive press release.

Or, you can enquire about my PR distribution service.

So, you have carried out search engine optimisation on your press release, where do you submit it to? Well, if you have the advertising budget to be able to submit to paid directories then I recommend you do that first. They cost £80 upwards, but the majority of them have been around for a long time, and they have been able to establish media connections all over the globe and they’ll provide you with biggest impact.

Some of the best paid press release directories are: – PR7, Alexa 1,826 Compete Rank 2,708 – PR5, Alexa 37,288 Compete 106,168
24-7 Press Releases (Recommended!) – PR5, Alexa 12,205 Compete 38,727 – UK Press Release Distribution

Now, for those small to medium sized businesses, the £80+ submission fee may not be ideal. Don’t panic, there’s plenty of free directories were you can submit your press release for distribution.

Here are the top ten free press release distribution sites:

NOTE: Submitting your press release to these distribution sites offers no guarantee that it will be picked up by journalists or major news sites. Ask yourself, is your press release newsworthy? Will a journalist be excited when they catch a glimpse of it? The first step to taking advantage of this very powerful link building technique, is to create a press release that is eye catching, and it’s actually deserving of being in the news. runs on the Genesis framework

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